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Welcome to Abernant Community School 


The school is a Community Primary School having both infant and junior classes. Our pupils are drawn from a large catchment area stretching from Henfwlch to Talog; an area which is essentially rural in nature. Our school is situated in a beautiful valley, surrounded by farmland and well away from any main roads. Abernant is a Category A school in accordance with the authority's language policy. The aim of the policy is to ensure that all children are proficiently bilingual at the age of eleven. Until the beginning of year three, the vast majority of childrens work will be through the medium of Welsh.

The Aims of the School

The general aims of the school are:

  • To stimulate the emotional and social development of the children so that they will be able to realise their maximum potential.
  • To create an awareness of and desire for the spiritual dimensions of life by giving the children knowledge of religions, particularly Christianity.
  • To instill a sense of moral values and to foster an awareness of the needs of others.
  • The school sets out to provide every child with the opportunity of acquiring the following experiences in a caring society:
  • The development of basic skills in all subjects taught at the school with due consideration to the age, aptitude and ability of each child.
  • The development of numerical skills and mathematical knowledge and understanding.
  • A sound introduction to the world of science and technology.
  • The development of language in all its various forms so that it becomes a purposeful and meaningful means of communication. This will include listening, speaking, reading, writing and literary appreciation.
  • An awareness and appreciation of the child's locality, language, culture, traditions and physical environment.
  • The encouragement of self expression through music, mime, drama, art, crafts and physical education.
  • An awareness of the need for personal hygiene, good manners and courtesy.

The encouragement of safe practices in the school, home and in the community.